Ethiopia's Simien Mountains with Ras Dashen Trek: 9 Days / 9 Nights 


Itinerary, Tour SM-09

Day 01  Arrival
Arrive at Bole International Airport. An Awaze Tours representative will meet you and take you to your hotel. 

Overnight Hotel - Addis Ababa

Day 02  Addis Ababa - Gondar - Simien Mountains National Park
Fly to Gondar from Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airline. Meet with vehicles and drive to Sankabar, gateway to the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sankabar is at an elevation of 3,250 meters. 
Overnight Camping

Day 03  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek Sankaber - Geech (3,600m elevation) which will take between 5-7 hours. After one and half hours, see the Jinnbar River and falls which you will cross later in the day. After crossing the river, ascend for about 2 hours to Geech. The scenery is wonderful and a herd of Gelada Baboons can be seen on the journey. 
Overnight Camping

Day 04  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek Geech - Imet Gogo- Geech. Trek to some of the best view points in the National Park. Imet Gogo boasts spectacular views in every direction. Possible wildlife sightings on this 4 -5 hour trek include the Simien Wolf, the Walia Ibex, and Klipspringers.
Overnight Camping

Day 05  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek Geech - Chenek (3,620m elevation); trek along the 4,000 meter breathtaking Enatye escarpment before descending to Chenek. Walia Ibex and Gelada Baboons are routinely spotted.
Overnight Camping

Day 06  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek to Ambiquo campsite (3,200m) approximately 9 hours via Mt. Buhit (4,430m); cross the Mesheha River before reaching Ambiquo. 
Overnight Camping

Day 07  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek Ambiquo - Ras Dashen - Ambiquo; early morning departure to the summit of Ras Dashen, at 4,543 meters, Africa’s fourth highest peak. Trek up the Valley from your campsite to the small village of Mizma. From here, a steep climb brings you to an impressive amphitheater made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock. It is then an easy scramble to the summit. To reach the Summit can take up to 6 hrs.
Overnight Camping

Day 08  Trekking Simien Mountains National Park
Trek Ambiquo - Chenek; return to Chenek, bypassing Mt. Buhit on the return. 
Overnight Camping

Day 09  Simien Mountains National Park - Gondar
Meet with vehicles and return to Gondar.
Overnight Hotel - Gondar

Day 10  Gondar - Addis Ababa

  • For arrivals before the tour begins or for later departures, additional hotel bookings can be made upon request.
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