Ethiopian Profiles

Ethiopia is a very diverse country in terms of scenery, wildlife, religion, language, and culture.  Addis Ababa has also become an increasingly fascinating and cosmopolitan city with business people, diplomats, and workers from all over the world arriving here.  We have begun writing articles about some of the people who call Ethiopia home.

Life in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Priest at Yimrehanna Kristos

In a recent trip to Lalibela, we took a day excursion to the remote church, Yemrehanna Kristos  as Sunday mass was being celebrated.  Here, we were lucky enough to interview the head priest, Kess Habtemaryam, a very important and influential figure in his community. Kess Habtemaryam plays an important role in the church, but also takes responsibility for the welfare of his community. He has made efforts to distribute iodine tablets as well as other medicines to combat some of the health problems that his community faces. Even though he is a very busy man, he was kind enough to let us ask him a few questions. 

Education in Ethiopia

Below is an interview we conducted with Ato Ashenafi,  a former lecturer at Madu Walabu University in Bale Robe.  In 2011, Ashenafi graduated with honors from Jimma University where he majored in English language and literature. He is currently living in Addis Ababa and working on his master’s degree

Tell me about your education experience in Ethiopia. What were the positive parts and what could have been better?

I grew up in Debre Zeyit, which is a small city about an hour drive south of Addis Ababa. I was a very active student and was quite involved in all my school’s activities. …

A Chinese Perspective on Living and Working in Ethiopia

With a growing Chinese population in Ethiopia and their significant involvement in business here, we wanted to gain a Chinese perspective on life in Ethiopia. Following is an interview with a Chinese restaurant manager, Mr. Wang, who lives in Addis Ababa. 

Where in China are you from and why did you come to Ethiopia?

I grew up in Shanghai and I came here three years ago to work at this restaurant. I had relatives that already lived here, so I had a place to stay. Work was hard for me to find in China so I came here instead. 

Do you like living here? …

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