Film and Video Production Services in Ethiopia

For Film and Video Crews

Members of our staff have worked on video productions on six continents for various broadcasters such as ESPN, CNN, NHK Japan, the BBC, etc.  We understand the challenges of staying on budget, especially while filming in a foreign country.  

Film and Video Applications
We will submit an application for your filming permit prior to your arrival.  This will also help expedite your clearance through Ethiopian Customs when you arrive with your equipment.

Local Crews and Staff
We can provide experienced local crew to serve as production assistants, camera operators, sound recordists, etc.  

Location Scouting
Tell us about your project and we can recommend locations for your filming. 

Equipment Rentals
Ethiopia does not have an extensive selection of production equipment for rent, but tell us what you need and we'll try to locate it.

Hotel Reservations and Catering Arrangements for your Staff

Car and Bus Hire
Our modern four-wheel drive vehicles are available for daily or long-term rental.  Our drivers are friendly and experienced.

Troubleshooting and More
There are always unforeseen challenges when working in a different culture; we will assist you with any problems as they arise and do our best to advise you before they occur.

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