Tours of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

The Lower Omo is quite different from any other region in Ethiopia, and indeed all of Africa.  Home to a remarkable mix of small, contrasting ethnic groups: the Bena and Konso, the Gelebe, the Bodi, the Mursi, the Surma, the Arbore, and the Hamer, to name but a few, the tribes of the Omo  are all unique, having developed their own cultures while almost completely isolated from the outside world.   Traveling in the Lower Omo is always an adventure and four-wheel drive vehicles are a must.  Accommodations and campsites offer few amenities but this adds to the adventure.  The remoteness of the region helps make for an unforgettable experience.   

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Read about the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

Great Rift Valley Lakes:  Lake Chamo, home to numerous hippos and some of the largest crocodiles in the world.

Tribes of the South Omo:  A remarkable mix of small, contrasting ethnic groups, having developed their unique cultures while almost completely isolated from the outside world.   

Konso:  A UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring the unique culture of the Konso People.

National Parks:  Wildlife of Mago National Park and Nechisar Park.

When to Visit:

The rainy season in South Omo is in April and May and we do not offer tours to this region during that time.  Tours in June are tentatively scheduled depending on the amount of rainfall in the preceding months.  The climate during the rest of the year is generally ideal for a visit though occasional October rains might cause delays.

Women of the Hamer Tribe in Ethiopia's Omo Valley.
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