Natural Wonders and Outdoor Adventures


With a landscape that ranges from rainforests, to grassy savannas, mountains, and deserts, Ethiopia boasts scenery that is as diverse and fascinating as its people.  Splitting the country in two, the Great Rift Valley provides breath-taking views that rival those of the Grand Canyon.  At 4,620 meters, Ras Dashen is the fourth highest peak in Africa while the Danakil Depression is the lowest.  Near Lake Tana, the Blue Nile begins its voyage to Egypt while a string of Rift Valley lakes and rivers belie Ethiopia's image as dry and parched land.  Deserts are an important part of Ethiopia's  ecosystem, but so are its indigenous forests which are the most extensive in all of east Africa.  This variety of habitat has resulted in an impressive array of wildlife with over 850 species of birds, many extremely beautiful and exotic.  There are nine National Parks, each with unique offerings for the visitor.  While Mago, Gambella, and Omo are best for viewing African wildlife, the Bale and Simien Mountain Parks with their established trekking routes, are the perfect destination for the outdoor adventurer.

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