The Omo Valley of Ethiopia


The Omo River Valley in southern Ethiopia is undoubtedly one of the most unique regions in the world.  Within this small geographic area reside at least 30 distinct ethno-linguistic groups, whose lifestyles surely do not vary much from those of their ancestors thousands of years ago.  This is the Africa of painted warriors, women with clay lip plates, hunters with elaborate headdresses of clay and feathers, and homes made of thatch and banana leaves.  This part of Africa, extending into northern Kenya, is incredible for both its cultural diversity and the isolation of its inhabitants for centuries past.  Anthropologists can, and do, spend lifetimes studying the peoples of the Omo Valley.

As influences from the outside world inevitably encroach on this unique and fascinating land, we at Awaze Tours pledge to respect the indigenous cultures there.  We don't go to areas we are not welcome, we hire local guides whenever possible, and we strive to promote an atmosphere of mutual understanding between our clients and our hosts.

The Omo Valley is also a rewarding destination for nature lovers with three major national parks, over 300 species of birds, hippos, crocodiles, large land mammals, Rift Valley lakes, and verdant forests.

Select an image below to view photos of the Omo Valley:

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