Tours of Ethiopia: Discover History, Adventure, and an Amazing Culture.     


Lalibela St. George, a highlight of a tour to Ethiopia.

The only African nation never colonized, Ethiopia is also one of the world's oldest: at least 2,500 years.

diverse cultures

Young woman from Ethiopia's Omo Valley.

More than 80 ethnic groups, speaking at least as many languages, reside in Ethiopia.

outdoor adventure

Simien Mountains, a great destination for Ethiopian Trekking.

Twice the size of France, Ethiopia has nine National Parks and six Wildlife Sanctuaries.

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Take a tour of Ethiopia with Awaze Tours and discover one of the world’s most fascinating and least understood destinations.  For those who like to tour off the beaten path and broaden their horizons, Ethiopia offers an unforgettable experience for even the most seasoned traveler.  With some of the most impressive historical sites in all of Africa; an abundance of unique and endemic wildlife; dramatic landscapes; and an ancient culture renowned for its hospitality; Ethiopia should be on all travelers' "must see" lists.

Travel to Ethiopia and discover the only African nation that was never colonized.  Learn about a nation that officially embraced Christianity in the 4th century yet is also home to the one of the holiest cities in Islam.  Not only is Ethiopia one of the oldest nations in the world, but archeologists have made discoveries here that date back to the origins of humankind.  Ethiopia has medieval castles, churches hewn out of solid rock, temples to moon gods, and nine United Nations World Heritage sites, more sites than any other African country.

Timkat Ceremony in Lalibela Ethiopia. Gonder Castle, a must see on an Ethiopian tour itinerary.

Experience the very best of Africa all in One Country: in terms of the sheer variety of fascinating destinations no other place in Africa compares to Ethiopia.

Our guests' satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.  We want your Ethiopian tour to be a wonderful adventure that you will never forget and are ready to organize your tour of this ancient and fascinating land.      

Birdlife on Lake Chamo in Ethiopia. An Awaze Tours group scaling Debre Damo in Ethiopia.

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