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Gondar CastleGeladas in the Simien MountainsMan from Oromo in Traditional GarbErta Ale in the Danakil DepressionOmo Valley ManPriest in LalibelaOlive BaboonSt. George Church, LalibelaPriest of the Ethiopian Orthodox ChurchLalibela NunTimkat

"In terms of the sheer variety of fascinating destinations, no other place in Africa compares to Ethiopia" - Graham Hancock in forward to “African Ark”

Take an Ethiopian tour with Awaze and discover some of Africa’s most impressive World Heritage sites such as Lalibela, Gondar, and Axum.  Visit the fascinating indigenous tribes of the Omo Valley or go trekking in Ethiopia’s beautiful national parks.   Awaze offers customized tours for groups of any size and scheduled tours that individual travelers may join.

10 Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

  • Lalibela - churches carved out of solid rock
  • Omo Valley - indigenous tribes
  • Harar - ancient walled Islamic city
  • The Danakil Depression - Erta Alle volcano
  • Simien Mountains - the rooftop of Africa
  • Rock Churches of Tigrai - beautiful and remote
  • Bale Mountains - great trekking; endemic wildlife
  • Axum - heart of an African empire
  • Gondar - home to Ethiopian kings
  • Lake Tana - source of the Blue Nile 
  • And more: injera, timkat, shoulder-dancing, azmaris, coffee, tej, hospitality, Rift Valley, gursha, kitfo, new friends . . . 

Ethiopia welcomes visitors from all over the world.  Tourism has grown substantially in the past decade and “visa upon arrival” is now available for tourists from many countries.  Unique cultures, natural beauty, amazing history, wonderful people:  there are many reasons to visit Ethiopia, contact Awaze Tours and begin your adventure!  

St.George Lalibela 3

The rock-hewn St. George Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.  Photo courtesy of Adrian Whear.

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