Visitor Information for Ethiopia


Ethiopia is a remarkably easy country to visit, and nearly all of the country is quite safe for foreigners of all nationalities.  Hospitality and generosity are traits almost universal to the entire nation.  As with many countries, there are areas best avoided by tourists.  In Ethiopia, we advise against travel to a few remote border areas and do not offer any tours to these areas. 

Current Time in Ethiopia

Many Ethiopians add six hours to their clocks and watches.  Instead of breakfast at 7:00am, Ethiopians will call this time 1:00.  Noon becomes 6:00 and so on.  Banks, airlines, etc. do not add six hours, but if you make an appointment with an Ethiopian, its a good idea to clarify which time they are using.

Ethiopians follow the ancient 13 month Ge’ez calendar which is 7 1/2 years behind the Gregorian Calendar.  Ethiopians celebrated their millenium in 2007.  Banks, airlines, and major businesses follow the Gregorian, not the Ge’ez calendar.


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